Our Services

Process / System Optimization / Energy Efficiency

EFSAN MAKİNA VE TİC. LTD. ŞTİ.'s fans are used in large scale at power plants, waste incineration plants, iron and steel and cement factories worldwide in terms of performance power and efficiency. However, it also attaches importance to the economic efficiency considered in the planning stage. The assured knowledge of the environmental conditions related to the processes underpins the necessary adaptations to the last detail of the processes. We also show the sensitivity in energy efficiency while choosing low-noise solutions. As a result, we offer you an optimization process that will ensure trouble-free and economical operation for your production plant. The positive aspect of this is that you save energy and contribute to reducing CO2 gas emissions.
Nowadays, energy saving and CO2 emission reduction have become very important. In addition to systematic calculations, we ensure that your fans do not spend more energy than necessary with our extensive experience and knowledge. We keep energy saving at maximum level with our inverter fans. Despite the high cost of speed regulated fans, it pays for itself in about two years thanks to energy savings of up to 30%.

Performance Improvement

We support you in improving their performance without being have to replace the fans. Our team of experts ensures performance improvement through optimization without the need to change the plant. We will be glad to introduce you our wide range of possibilities, from small changes to process reorganization, which will save you time and money.

Spare Parts / Maintenance / Assembly / Commissioning

Spare Parts / Repair
As a company, we offer you original and suitable spare parts. In addition, our team of experts serve you in the field of information about these parts and the performance of the fans to adapt the performance of the fans and quality features to serve you with quality workmanship. We offer our customers a significant advantage, as they will require any other service providers in the field of measurement services. Repairs can also be carried out by our experts. In addition to the required measurements, they are recorded together with the final test operation and the measurement report.
Comprehensive Repair Services;
• Bearing changes in the field,
• Maintenance or replacement of fan housings,
• Fan vibration measurements,
• Engine bearing changes in the field,
• Repair or renewal of the rotor in the field,
• Replacement of rotor and shaft,
• Replacement of spare parts of other brand fans,
• Replacement of plant parts,
• Enclosure of electric motors,
• Replacement of drive belts,
• Dynamic balancing of the rotor.

Regular and comprehensive maintenance protects devices and people. Maintenance activities extend the life of products and maintain their quality. Our service team replaces damaged or worn parts only with their originals. We inform you about maintenance conditions, spare parts and material requirements, repair fees and repair times. By using balance measurements and values, we are able to identify and prevent operational errors without causing any downtime. We can balance the fans without switching off. In this way, we can significantly extend the life of the fans.

Assembly and Commissioning
We are responsible for the installation and commissioning of fans. In order to accelerate this process, we use modern test methods from the beginning in terms of observations we have made throughout the working period. Our staff have got very professional knowledge in the use of all test equipments. In addition, we provide you with information about pipes and power lines and give you tips for efficient use. We provide technical service support during the activity.