Although it can be produced as Single Suction and Double Suction, production value and measurement ranges are as follows;
• Flow rate from 400 m³ / h up to 1.800.000 m³ / h,
• Single stage pressure up to 45 kPa,
• Multistage pressure up to 160 kPa,
• Up to 90% efficiency in fans,
• Power from 1.1 kW to 8,000 kW in engines (we can develop projects with higher power engines demanding on the system you need.)
• Low-medium-high pressure rotors withstanding high heat and high stress.
• Fan rotors up to 4 meters in diameter. (We can also develop projects with larger diameter fan rotors demanding on the system you need.)
• Rotor tip speeds up to 280 m / s,
• Working temperatures which can be calculated and manufactured between -180 ° C and 1200 ° C,
• System pressures that can be calculated and manufactured between 0.4 bar and 200 bar,

Fans According to Usage Areas
• Large and special fans
• High Pressure Fans
• Sealed Fans
• Material Handling Fans
• Wear Protection Fans
• Hot gas circulation fans
• The most suitable fan selection for your needs is made by expert engineers within Efsan, depending on the system and process where the fan will be used and other factors specific to the situation.
• While conveying your fan demands, information such as air flow rate, static pressure, operating gas temperature, operating gas type, dust load and type, altitude of the region, type of electric motor, type of drive, type of flow control, damper position and damper motor preference should be given.

•    Petrochemistry
•    Reactor Facilities
•    Iron Casting and Cement
•    Food and Water Treatment Plants
•    Industrial Furnaces System Builders

• Remanufacturing as a result of the project on the rotor of the existing fan (EFSAN manufacturer or not)
• Measurement and Analysis of Capacity (Flow - Pressure) and Yield for the existing fan (EFSAN manufacture or not)
• Capacity and Efficiency Improvement of existing fan (EFSAN manufacture or not)
• Supervision for Fan Mounting Control and Commissioning for EFSAN Orders
• Rotor and shaft repair
• Troubleshooting and Service


What is Ex-proof Fan?
These are the fan systems which are designed to be used in potentially explosive environments. Potentially Explosive Environment: Areas, in which flammable dust, gas and vapor are at the limits of explosion or the possibility of presence, are called potential explosive environments.

What is Exproof?
Exproof is an abbreviation of Explosion Proof. Protected Against Explosion. In technical language; Exproof Electrical Equipment is used in explosive and hazardous environments.

Zone 1
An area in which the explosive gas medium, which is a mixture of flammable substances with air in the form of gas, vapor or mist, is occasionally present in normal operation. (The vicinity of Zone 0, explosive pumping stations, valves and valves are included in this group.)

Zone 2
An area in which an explosive gas environment consisting of a mixture of flammable substances with air in the form of gas, vapor or mist is unlikely to be occasionally present in normal operation, if found for a very short time. (Only the plant or parts of the plant with welded pipe connections, natural gas and oil pipelines fall into this group.)

Zone 21
Zone where explosive dust environment is occasionally present in normal operation.

Zone 22
Explosive dust is the area where the probability of occasional presence in normal operation is poor, if found only for a very short time.

• Any kind of fans can be manufactured with ex-proof properties.
• It is preferred in environments where there is a risk of explosion, ignition and ignition.
• Exproof fans are equipped with anti-electrostatic materials and protection measures in accordance with international norms.
• All fan types can be turned into Exproof Fan by using Exproof Motor.
• It is produced in desired combinations of diameter between Ø400 mm - Ø1000 mm and different wing angle combinations.

• The base material is ST37 (S235JR) (EN10025).
• It is painted gray as RAL7038 code as standard after manufacturing. (Different color options are optional.)
• Hot Dipped Galvanizing process can be applied upon request and it is optional.
• It is manufactured with round flange as standard (It can be manufactured with square flange upon request and it is optional.)
• The clearances between the casing and the propeller are in accordance with the world criteria. 

• Impeller hub is aluminum in standard manufacturing. (If demanded steel can be used, optional, you need to contact for steel core.)
• The blade angles of the aluminum blade rotors are adjustable. • Rotor blades can be Aluminum, Steel or Stainless Steel. (You need to contact for steel and stainless steel blades.)
• Static and dynamic balancing is carried out after manufacturing according to the appropriate ISO norm.

• Exproof manufacturing (Ex db IIB T4 as Protection Class) - F Class - Three Phase 3 × 400 V - 50 Hz. - S1 - IP55 motor is installed.
• Electrical motors with different Protection Class, Phase, Voltage and Frequency values can be installed upon request.

• Exproof fans are manufactured in standard production with protection wires that prevent foreign materials from being dragged into the fan in the suction opening.
• Mounting Bracket is required for vibration damper mounting.
• For the installation of roller shutter or non-return damper, Square Flange is required.