Large and Special Fans

These fans 8,000 kW motor power and up to 1200 ° C gas temperature up to Cement, Iron and Steel, Power Plants and Mining facilities for industrial facilities such as corrosion and wear protection, are manufactured by our company.

Hot Gas Circulation Fans

They are used in drying, annealing and hardening furnaces. They are mounted on to the body of the oven and thet provide the circulation of the gas in the oven. They can withstand up to 1200 ° C.

Material Handling Fans

These fans are generally used in the wood industry and in glass / rock wool manufacturing processes, in material handling in cement and iron and steel plants. They are manufactured with wear protection and without front mirror.

Wear-Protected Fans

Depending on the dust load and type, the wear-resistant parts of the rotor (blades, center or rear mirror), the inner, back and sides of the snail body with armored wear plates to reduce the effect of abbrasive materials such as slag dust, clinker dust, quartz, wood passing through the fan it are coated.

Sealed Fans

Fans equipped with sealing elements that prevent the leakage of toxic, explosive and flammable gases passing through the fan according to the process from the fan body (where the shaft passes to the volute body and the flange connections).

High Pressure Fans

They are used in high pressure processes of facilities such as Iron, Steel, Glass, Chemical, Cement, Mining.
They are produced single stage up to 45 kpa, multistage up to 160 kpa according to pressure required.